Long Flight Ahead

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, December 02, 2011 with No comments

At long last, I am going to the US of A. After almost two years of waiting since signing up a contract with my employer, issues with the credentialing, with the FSBPT, of obtaining a tourist visa, I am heading there. The journey was not a walk at the park at best.

With news of the ban of Filipino physical therapists by the FSBPT, which ultimately lead to countless denials of tourist visas at the US Embassy in Manila (me included), and hours of sleepless nights allotted for the US licensure exams for physical therapists, this brings me a step closer to finally living the American Dream.

Two of my close friends have paved the way, as well as several of my professors and schoolmates, as they are now gainfully employed in the US as physical therapists. In a 20-hour trip spanning different time zones, I am about to take a life-changing journey. Yes, it could be turbulent along the way, but it's all systems go from here on out.
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