Run (Jack Knife Lee Remix) - Snow Patrol

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, February 07, 2007 with No comments
Having heard Snow Patrol’s chillout version of “Run” on 1Club.FM, I told myself that I just had to get a copy of that song—but all efforts proved futile. Well, that was then. Thankfully, browsing through the music pages of Multiply users (I know seeing my little thumbnail of a pic on their profile pages probably raised an eyebrow—who the f#@k), I finally found this song and then downloaded it to my heart’s content. Wehehehe. So I’d like to share it to everyone. Mind you, the album from which this song was taken from—Ministry of Sound - Chillout Sessions Vol. 7—is a potpourri of first-rate chillout/lounge favorites. Yay, I’ll download everything.

Snow Patrol is one of the few international bands out there that managed to break into mainstream music (read: having found an audience worldwide). Hailing from Ireland, these guys have become a household name since the release of their debut single “Run” that made it’s way to all imaginable chart shows. Now their latest offering, “Chasing Cars,” has been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy,” which, thanks to the show's massive popularity, increased the bands fan-base and dinero. Wehehehe.

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