Leaving on a Jet Plane... not!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, September 03, 2011 with 400 comments
Earlier, I caught parts of a Claudine Barreto movie on a local network while channel surfing. No, I am not a fan. Although the local film industry is having a Renaissance of sorts, it takes more than a Claudine Barreto to make me sit and watch a locally produced film in its entirety. The script, acting, cinematography, editing, directing, it all need to be impeccable. Sorry, I am just like that. But what made me sit for a good five minutes to watch In Your Eyes was the profession of Claudine's character. She was a physical therapist working in a rehab clinic in the US, every Pinoy PT's dream, and it was (and still is) the dream for me. In fact, I would have been on a jet plane bound for the US now living that dream... not.

I was scheduled to take the NPTE, the state board exams for PTs in the US, on September 7, and from my correspondence with my employer, I would have left for Ellicott City, Maryland on this day to sit for the five-hour state licensure. I would have crammed for the exams in the process since I had just about three months to prepare, toiling over books and journals and review materials on everything physical therapy to successfully get my hands on that elusive RPT title. I would have probably bought new luggage and busied myself packing clothes for my US stay, may have gotten winter outfits, too, if the need arises to extend until the Yuletide season. But due to an unfortunate turn of events, I needed to have the exam rescheduled to a later date, hopefully still within the year.

Thankfully, I am an optimist and looks at this setback as a blessing in disguise. A friend said that maybe it was not yet meant to be. Maybe I need ample time to review for the exams and not cram like what I've been used to the past months so that when it's time to sit for the NPTE, I'll nail it. Maybe I need not buy a big luggage or new clothes to bring with me because I will probably get them when I am physically there. Maybe I need not think wishfully anymore because the dream is within arm's reach, one that breathes life to a male Claudine Barreto a la In Your Eyes (read: a PT in the US), minus the drama and the hysterics. The script, acting, cinematography, editing, the directing, its impeccability is something I won't be biting my nails over with; it's gonna be real, and I will be damn good at it. Sorry, I am just like that.