Hello (cyber)world?!?

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 with 3 comments

All right. I've been gone for quite some time... again. And this time I won't be promising that I will be back for good or that I will be updating my blog on a regular basis. But I have good reasons for my online absence. Well, at least as far as blogging is concerned.

I'd like to think of myself as one with the denizens of the cyber world. I am always online, whether accessing the Internet through my laptop or my mobile phone. So even though I am not actively blogging, per se, I have been keeping myself visible on the worldwide web.

I am on Facebook and comment, like and tag myself, family and friends on status messages, posts or notes, and online albums respectively. At some point, I also found myself untagging my virtual person from friends' uploads; those photos were just too "raw, " and I'd rather have them private.

I am on Twitter and follow famous people, from musicians to artists to poets and writers, and news organizations and chismis (gossip) websites. Thanks to tweets and retweets, I found out about the Christopher Laos, Mideo Cruzes, Jerzon Senadors, Rafa Santoses, and James Sorianos of the world.

I recently signed up on Foursquare, which, in my opinion, makes every member an easy target for the pickpockets and robbers who, funny as it may sound, need to be members and logged into Foursquare as well. Advertising where you are currently "checked in" is not a good idea but seeing the bing map on your FB wall is kinda cool!

I am always online because I need to be connected: to my US contacts for a prospective job, to my loved ones down south Zamboanga and far-flung Middle East, friends from two decades ago up until today, or online buddies who found me remotely interesting and worth wasting time with. Thanks to technology and the Internet, a musta u or an eow po can be sent in seconds and the retorts come in seconds, too, just right after you hit the enter button... unless they're away, busy, invisible or in brb mode.

Or they might also be doing something else, like reading a book where they flip through the pages the smell of which reminds you of libraries you may or may not frequent in high school or college, where Wikipedia or Facebook or Twitter or YouTube were unheard of, where researching involved unearthing newspaper broadsheets or going through a shelf devoted to an entire set of heavy, hardbound encyclopedia.

Or they could be writing down notes on yellow pad paper or Sterling notebooks with Panda ball pens or Mongol Number 2 pencils, no copy-pasting(!), where you develop wrist strains or, worse, carpal tunnel syndrome from a penmanship only you can understand, and where you need to read them over and over again, preferably when you get home to cram for an exam, thanking the gods that you can barely make out what you've written down after developing tendonitis.

This "OR" explains the past three months for me: leafing through or "scrolling" books both in its physical and electronic form and making Powerpoints from the latter since I can copy-paste this time(!), notebooks (more like logbooks) for writing down important tidbits that I need to be kept reminded of, hours spent from perusing medical jargon while juggling a social life, both online and offline (for lack of a better term).

However, due to a series of unfortunate events (hopefully on a separate blog), what was supposed to happen on September 7 was moved to a later date, and this break from the monotonous cycle has given me time to reevaluate things and focus on what's up ahead. And it has given me the opportunity to be present online as well, as far as blogging is concerned. But no promises this time.
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