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Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, April 04, 2011 with 26 comments

Now this question is for me more than anyone else. It’s been three months since I resigned from call center work in Makati in the hope of sitting in for the May NPTE. As I have heard of the application only in the latter part of November and as the pertinent documents and fees required took the time to process and to come by, I was not able to file on time. Now I am jobless. Being one may have been an eight-to-five employee's dream: eat, drink, be a couch potato. Sure it sounds great, especially if you have your parents or someone else to support you, but if you’re on your own, that’s when being a bum takes its toll. You’ll have to worry about things you need on a daily basis, the things you need to pay, the many bills that make its way into your mailbox, bills that have something to do with your credit card, your electricity and water consumption. Aside from that, you begin to worry about the most important of all, food.

Well, three months now and I am still alive and kicking, thankfully. It’s been tough really, but I get by. One friend of mine was astounded when I said that I would be resigning and I haven’t saved for the rainy days. He said I would have needed about eight months’ worth of savings not to worry about the financial hurdles that unemployment entails. He is a financial consultant, so I see where he was coming from. He was also proud in a way that I will be undertaking something head-on foolishly, something he added he wouldn’t do having calculated the risks. But I took risks; I am still alive, although with bills towering and neverending.

I have reasons as to why I prefer working at home and part-time, and during the past months I have listed jobs I think I am capable of doing and do a fine job out of:

1. Writing – I love writing. Although I haven’t studied the art or technicalities involved in dishing out a masterful work of the Muse, I believe I am still able to convey my thoughts in written form.
2. Editing – This is one job I am looking to do in the long run, even when I have my eight-to-five job. I’ve done editorial work way back college years and held an editorial position for a US-based transcription and captioning company. I loved the job that I worked there for three years.
3. Transcription – I held an entertainment transcriptionist position for a few months before getting the promotion as an editor. I believe my being in the allied medical profession and one who is familiar with medical jargon is a plus if the job is for the medical transcription.
4. Online English Teachers – Teaching English to Japanese, Koreans and the Chinese are lucrative home-based jobs being offered by ESL companies online. I am not bad with spoken English, and I had a three-day PT review class back in Zamboanga so I could give being a virtual teacher a try.

Well, I scoured the world wide web to no avail. Working at home entails connections with the right people. There are websites that cater to job seekers who bid for home-based jobs like Odesk or Freelancer. But again, you need to be in the field, or be a member for quite some time and/or have already built a reputation, for you to be shortlisted by virtual employers. There is Craigslist too. I’ve tried there. But rumors of scam abound and I am distracted by their “personals” section. Ha! What am I left to do? Strengthen my resolve to get THE job asap or bum some more. What’s no food on the table?!

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