Good News to the Pinoy PT with the American Dream!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 with 1 comment
A text message was sent the other day by a colleague that the National Physical Therapy Examination, the US equivalent of the local PT Boards given by the PRC, will be offered for five more testing dates by the FSBPT, the agency that “develops and administers the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) for both physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.” They have scrapped the NPTE-i, a modified and bi-annual examination given ONLY to PT graduates from Egypt, India, Pakistan and the Philippines, a move that surely affected the Pinoy PT over alleged recalled questions given by some local review centers. The FSBPT, instead, will be giving what they call “fixed-date testing,” this time for all physical therapists, whether Americans or foreign-trained, who would like to get that elusive license to work in any state in the US. This decision was brought upon by a ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court.

From the website:

"On February 9, 2011, a Georgia Superior Court judge granted an injunction to three graduates of physical therapy programs in the Philippines against the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy and the FSBPT. The injunction prohibits the Georgia Board and the FSBPT from enforcing in Georgia a July 2010 security measure implemented by the FSBPT that requires graduates receiving their first physical therapy degree from programs in Egypt, India, Pakistan and the Philippines to take an NPTE-i form of the National Physical Therapy Examination."

The fixed-date testing will be given five times by 2012, the information that my physical therapist friend relayed, but further details will be disclosed by the FSBPT as they are yet to determine the exact dates for these exams. What is better news is that the fixed-date testing NPTE will be given three times this year!

From the website:

"2011 testing dates beginning July 1, 2011
Beginning July 1, 2011, all PT NPTE candidates will be able to schedule their test on one of three dates in 2011.

September 7, 2011 (Wednesday)
October 20, 2011 (Thursday)
December 5, 2011 (Monday)"

I passed my application form and fees to the New Mexico PT Board early January in the hope that I could sit in for the licensure exams this May. The problem, I was not able to complete and pass other pertinent documents on time; I have set my eyes on the now-scrapped December NPTE-i instead. However, with this latest update from the FSBPT, I will be able, if God permits, to apply for the examination as early as September. That would mean I need to have a PT job asap as it is one of the requirements of my employer for financial sponsorship and it would entail, too, burning the midnight candles reviewing for the NPTE, an endeavor I was all willing to undertake since December of last year, reason I resigned from a call center work around that time. This is good news and rekindles the Pinoy PTs hope of finally living the American dream! Well, it definitely did to me!