A Reason for Everything

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I don’t have the slightest regard for the Philippine Bar Exams not until my sister took part in the examinations last September, a culmination of her four-year stay at a law school in far-flung Jolo, Sulu and of the months of preparation afterward. I could only imagine how hard the Bar was, seeing the amount of time and effort she put into it, taking into consideration the constraints she had financially and domestic issues back home she dealt with during her review (and the room she rented somewhere in the University Belt wasn’t even conducive!). My sister and I have been in constant communication one Sunday after another, as the questionnaires were rolled out all four Sundays of September, voicing out how this particular Bar was the most difficult in recent years and how one subject, Taxation, had a percentage of the baristas not showing up in the succeeding days of the examination. “It was not only mentally draining,” she said, “but physically and emotionally taxing as well.” Six months after, March 17, 2011 came, the day she was anticipating and agonizing over since her last Sunday as a barista.

The day before, I slept late as news of the rollout of the Bar exam result spread like wildfire to the hopeful and would-be lawyers, their friends and families. I was told that it would be in the latter part of March or the first week of April, as the practice was, so an earlier release caught everyone by surprise. So I hurriedly logged on to the web and kept guard, regularly checking the Supreme Court website, refreshing the page now and then in the hope that the result would suddenly pop out so that I could relay it immediately to my sister in far-flung Jolo. She was already anxious in anticipation that months leading to March 17, 2011 she would recount how the experience was, how she gauged her performance, and how the Bar exams ended with a bang, literally, when an explosion rocked the testing venue, DLSU in Taft Avenue, where it was reported that at least 44 people were injured. My sister also juggled personal baggage on the side that I just had to console her that whatever the results were, we would always be there for her.

March 17, 2011. 5:22 PM. I went back online as text messages began flooding in conveying what I have been waiting for the previous night: the results are out. I hurriedly opened a web browser, typed the Supreme Court URL, clicked on a link, and waited for a few seconds, and then there it was: the list of names scrolled down before my eyes. I wanted this to not be a sad story but looking at the list of baristas now officially conferred with the titles of attorney or lawyer or officer of the courts, my sister was not one of them. I thought there might have been some mistake, or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me so I controlled-F and typed a part of her name, either her first or second, but it was nowhere to be found. It dawned on me that a period like this could happen even to the best of us, even to my sister who I look up to.

It was heartbreaking as I saw the hard work put by my sister, from four years of Law School and months of extensive and rigid Bar review. A lot of things could have contributed to why she did not make it this time; certainly, the Bar itself is one not to be taken lightly as it is the most difficult set of examinations given in the country. There is a reason for everything, and surely God has laid out a different plan for her and passing the September 2010 Bar happened to be not one of them. I know my sister will make one hell of a lawyer. I am not saying this because she is family but because more than knowing is feeling she will. I know that my late Dad, too, would’ve been proud having one of his children not just finish Law School but successfully hurdling the Bar examinations and be a lawyer, an attorney, or an officer of the court someday. And when that happens, it would be a different story to tell.
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