One with the Earth

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, March 27, 2011 with No comments
Last night, around 8:30 pm, I was one with the world in celebrating the Earth Hour, a 60-minute lights-0ff undertaking to lessen our carbon footprint, one of the many things we can do to conserve energy and to combat climate change. From what I read, Earth Hour started in 2007 in Australia and soon enough, the rest of the world followed suit, the Philippines taking an active role and becoming one of the lead participants in the now yearly event.

In March 2008, while strolling in Mall of Asia, I couldn’t help but notice as to why restaurants that lined the back of the mall, facing Manila de Bay, had their lights dimmed off and were candlelit instead. Did those establishments forget to pay its Meralco bills? Was it a form of a strike, a collective vent for their frustrations over management? It was surreal and fascinating at the same time. It was only after seeing the news when I learned what it was all about, and I am all for it.

But we must come to realize that being one with the Earth should go beyond mere 60 minutes of turning off the telly, or the incandescent bulbs, or our laptops and staying away from Facebook and Twitter and all the advancements technology has to offer, the ones that require the resources of Mother Nature to work.

Already we are seeing the dire effects of what we’ve done and have been doing to the planet we call home: from bushfires in the Americas and Down Under, the mudslides and landslides here at home, the sandstorms that recently darkened the skies the whole of Middle East, the the great quakes that are registering on the Richter scale from all parts of the globe, and not to forget the tsunami that leveled the mighty and well-prepared Japan, to no avail.

It is scary just to think what Mother Nature can do but isn’t it time we give something back, even just one hour of our time each year. Allotting 60 minutes even only during the last Saturday of March from this year onwards is a great start to be one with the world and one with our Earth.
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