The Elusive Happy Horse

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 with 4 comments
If you like binging or just plain and controlled beer drinking, you probably heard about the urban legend of a Red Horse bottle with a stronger alcohol content, and you can tell if it has that added pizazz if the horse on the bottle looks “happy” compared to its regular stoic-looking counterpart. I know of someone who once worked for San Miguel Corporation and I asked if he ever knew of the Happy Horse, as it’s been fondly referred to by Red Horse aficionados, and he said that there was no such thing, that their products have the same alcohol content formulated for a particular beer brand, be it a San Mig Pale Pilsen, Light, Strong Ice or the beer in question. I told him that I personally saw a different bottle for their Red Horse way back 2006 while working at a call center in Ayala Avenue in Makati City. My coworkers and I would go out to this bar frequented by graveyard shifters who would down their days and worries away on muchos, towers or a bucket full of beer. I said I’d take a picture if I chance upon one, but I hav
e never seen a Happy Horse seen, not until a few nights ago.

I was with my two friends strolling the urban jungle when one of them, who was mending a heart problem of the emotional kind, suggested that we go out for a drink. She has been mulling over this dilemma for a week now, relaying that she has been coping up by almost nightly drinking binges but one, she was quick to add, where she still has control of her mental faculties—just harmless, good ole chilled beer drinking . That night, instead of wallowing up on her own, she dragged us along for the ride. So there we were at this small bar, each of us downing two Red Horse bottles each when I remembered the Happy Horse urban legend. I and my guy friend’s bottles were the regular ones and then in wishful thinking I reached for my other friend’s. Turning it, I could only smile sheepishly, like the Happy Horse itself, as after five long years we met once again. So to check that it wasn’t the alcohol kicking in, I took pictures of it as proof that the Happy Horse does exist. Now I could show it to my friend who once worked for San Miguel or for anyone who haven’t seen this elusive Happy Horse. As for the alcohol content and the urban legend around it, judging at how my friend was openly sharing her heart problems, there was no doubt the Red Horse was extra strong, added pizazz or not.