Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, January 06, 2010 with No comments
Okay, this is not the term which informally means addicted to narcotics. See, after months of frequenting the Internet cafe situated several blocks away from where I currently stay here in the Industrial City of Jubail, which meant walking and expending METs in a lightless, empty street around 10:00 in the evening, the only free time I have, I finally got the DSL connection I've been clamoring for for months.

The location of the accommodation of the hospital for its staff has been one of the things I have been yakking about since I arrived here last March. Not only do we have to endure long hours of waiting for a particular schedule for the hospital transportation just to buy foodstuff, we get nil taxis plying the area. Add to that, the street lights are turned on only when a wedding for locals is taking place in this building near us. It was like we were banished by the hospital for being males (with reference to Saudi culture) while female employees and doctors are nicely settled, literally, a stone's throw away from the hospital. And boy we spend about two hours every day with our butts glued to the coaster seats just to get to the hospital and back home. So this DSL connection was looked forward to for months.

Back when I was still working for the BPO industry, I got loads of stuff (evil grin) off the Internet, from music, TV shows, movies, and applications both for my laptop and my mobile phone. But it's the first three that I could not live without, and having arrived in the Kingdom and spent my first few months here was like being retrograded to civilizations gone past. I missed my favorite TV shows, the excellent foreign and festival movies I so have a penchant for, and music that runs through my veins like an overdose of orgiastic drug (metaphorically of course). Now they're right at my fingertips.

Hooked, in cyber lingo, connected to the Worldwide Web. But I've been addicted to the Internet and the Brobdingnagian (ok, I got this here) array of stuff to do just toying with the keyboard, I have to admit. Um, like these among other things...

LOL. And yes, expect more regular posts from me. Fingers crossed.