The Hospital: Prologue

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, May 15, 2009 with No comments
We got off the van and headed to a building situated adjacent to the hospital. Walking under the high-noon heat, I was mulling over what was and whom I would be meeting inside. Could it be a physical therapist who will be orienting me on what to expect on my first day at work? Could this building be the rehabilitation department that would mold a better health professional out of me? Well, it turned out to be one of the admin personnel, from Support Services, who belatedly welcomed me and asked for an apology as to why they made it to the airport at such late time. He also tweaked with his computer and typed something, which turned out to be instructions to my accommodation (a problem that I will talk about in a separate entry) and had somebody escorted me to Employee Services, an extension of the Admin offices found inside the hospital.

We would come in by way of the employee entrance at the leftmost part of the 3-storey edifice that houses a 90-bed capacity tertiary medical institution. Somehow I felt that I was ready for the experience that awaited me as soon as I get to set my foot on the hospital’s premises. Having been an office employee for the last three years would have made me feel otherwise, but I guess this insatiable craving to work my profession has overshadowed the disquiet a newcomer often feels in an unchartered territory. Clutching a bag with personal belongings that I just could not leave in the van, the foreign-looking person who met me at the airport opened the thick steel doors for me, ushering me to an experience I was hankering over for years.

To be continued...