To Kah Mai and Yang

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, April 10, 2009 with 4 comments
Kah Mai and Mom


I would like to take a break from writing about my Middle East adventures and take a space off this blog to extend my heartfelt congratulations to two special women in my life, Mai and Yang, my sisters. Both of them graduated just a few weeks back and I hope, before long, they would be esteemed professionals in their own respective fields; one is a soon-to-be lawyer and the other a nurse. How I wished that I were able to attend both of their graduations--last March 26 in Jolo and April 6 in Zamboanga—but my coming to work in the Far East was rather urgent that I only had a week to prepare and to bid my adieus to loved ones and friends. To Kah Mai and Yang, congratulations! See you soon, Inshaallah.
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