After Two Months

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, March 01, 2009 with 8 comments
It’s been two months now since my last journal entry. Looking back, I try to understand the reason behind the little number of posts one post I was able to write. Could it be that I was suffering from a Writer’s Block? No, I was not. Could it be that I decided to no longer write? That’s even unthinkable. Then why? Even I, myself, ask that question. In trying to rationalize, I came up with two likely reasons as to why this happened--I was certainly busy the last two months and there was a little problem with my Word application. The latter is now fixed, thanks to a friend for lending me his installer the second time around. The former, I’ll try to elaborate in the succeeding paragraphs.

More...I was hired for a job abroad. I’ve been meaning to resign from where I currently work for the longest time. Lately, I go to the office not getting the gusto one actually feels when s/he loves what s/he does. It’s actually the main reason I come to work 30 minutes to almost an hour late. I was not truthful, I admit, during one conversation with our supervisor explaining the reason behind my tardiness. It’s not something that you casually say, so I went about and explained the length of time it takes me to come to work, considering the traffic and what have yous. I’ve come to realize that what the company offers is a security fall back for me, nothing more. If not for friends, there was no point staying. Even that one has to give in to achieve what priorities they may have.

I was given an opportunity yet again because the prospective employers probably saw a desire in me to work the profession I have so long put aside, a career that hopefully will bring to me and my family financial security in the future. Instead of getting the necessary hands-on experience, I’ve been doing the exact opposite, reporting for an 8:00-5:00 office job for the last three years. I hope that this time this will be it. I have undertaken all the necessary requirements for me to leave the soonest--the medical examination I took earlier last month, a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar I recently attended, even paying the partial visa processing fees. If this won’t work out--like the applications I had for Dubai, Al-Khobar, and Dammam--I am going to my hometown and work or volunteer my services in what I’m supposed to be doing.

The last two months were also well spent with friends. Just a few days after welcoming the New Year, there I was at a stag party, binging and... no, you won’t be reading about what transpired during those “happy” hours (hehe). Two of my friends from the office celebrated their birthdays sometime in January and I was there to see them get a little year older, sing their hearts out in karaoke, get drunk and, for one particular friend, past out just a few minutes after midnight. I also spent weekends with a good buddy from college who left as a chef (he’s a PT by profession) in February. My brother, who you’ve probably read about in previous blogs, arrived in January after his two-year contract with a company based in Riyadh ended. We both came here to look for jobs abroad two, three years ago. It's ironic to note that he has left and returned to the country and all and yet I’m still stuck here (hehe).

What a futile attempt this may have been to try to squeeze in two months worth of entries. There were even some other things left out because this will turn into a novelette of some sorts if I continued, like going on dates (heehee) and cutting my hair short. Let’s just save those and others for future posts.