Welcome 2009

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, January 02, 2009 with 5 comments

It seems like a broken record to say how time flies so fast. But however we may think of this as some sort of a cliché, we are forever bound to live with this reality--that we see our life and those dear to us flittingly pass us by; that we find ourselves getting older by the day, a wrinkle here, some body fat there, a white hair somewhere; that we commit mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them; that with every deaths, we welcome births; that love and hate collide; that war and peace are always struggling with one another. It seemed like only the night before, in 2008, when I tucked myself to bed only to find a new year welcoming me to its fold opening my eyes, being offered the gift of a brand-new 365 days to start afresh and live life, hopefully, for the better.

We may have gullibly acted upon the beliefs and traditions in welcoming the new year--the jump, the round fruits, the polka dots--or believed in the predictions of the self-confessed modern-day Nostradamuses of the world, but what is to become of us in the days to come, ultimately, only we have the power to whittle out and transform according to our own predilections. 2009 may likely be another broken record when 2010 ushers itself in, but wouldn’t it be a nice broken record if all we hear repeatedly is how well we lived in every moment of it? I daresay that it will be for me, and I hope that it becomes the same for everybody else. Cheers to 2009.
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