Two Days, Two Memorable Parties

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, December 15, 2008 with 6 comments
I meant to write a longer post (two separate blogs in fact) of the two memorable events our team took part in and celebrated in two consecutive nights, TNC's first (and hopefully not last) Christmas party last Saturday, and Intensity, Aegis Peoplesupport's company-wide event just yesterday. But my usual sleepy self is failing me and the workload today is not permitting me. Everybody I know who took part in the revelry either has tired bodies or droopy eyes. Unfortunately for me, I had to kick myself to work while the rest had the day all to themselves. But nonetheless, it was great while it lasted, a needed break from the monotony of work and a great way of bringing the team into a more solid whole. Waa, I need sleep!

Saturday is TNC Day
The Offline Team (With Rai from TNC Cust Care)

Offline Boys

Just because I have the mic

Karaoke before the smorgasbord

The TNC Family

Sunday's Red Day (Aegis-PS' Intensity Party)

With the Offline Gang

Teammates (past and present)

With two of my best office buds (Mackoie and Tim)

After the booze and smorgasbord

Thanks VeeJei and Mackoie for the photos! Click link for more.

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