In Love with Lazy

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, December 06, 2008 with 4 comments
I love you Lazy! Nah, this is not about the sloth that I am most days. I’m referring to THE band whose bossa covers of Floyd music totally blew me away.

Okay, I’m not ashamed to say that I listen to bossa music, the type that conjures birds tweet-tweeting in a lazy, laidback late afternoon, lounging on a couch outdoors, staring into the heavens, lost in the soothing sax, drumbeats, funky and soulful guitar pluckings, and the lustrous voices of the female artists that make the experience all the more pleasurable. If you’ve seen my ruggedly debonair self ambling the walkways of Makati and Taguig, you’d think I probably have loud rock music playing on my earphones (not to say that I don’t; in fact, I am to recommend Mudvayne’s new album in a future blog). But with ageing I guess (hehe), I started spanning my musical horizon to include such genres like chillout and bossa, music that sadly only a handful of people appreciate. So imagine the smile I had on my face when I got hold of an album where rock, bossa, and chillout were fused in a 12-track gem I so highly recommend.

Lazy, whose members are from the now defunct chillout band Supreme Beings of Leisure, wonderfully rendered classic hits from the iconic Pink Floyd into bossa and chillout covers in the irresistible album that is FLOYD: A Chillout Experience. I’d have to admit that I am not a big fan of these granddaddies of Brit rock (one of my brothers is, though); I am only familiar with some of their songs--Hey You, Wish You Were Here, Another Brick on the Wall, and Comfortably Numb. But hearing FLOYD, I was to become a convert, both of Pink Floyd and Lazy, the latter of course being the culprit for my recent bossa/chillout music overload.

Floyd: A Chillout Experience, like most covers/revivals, included in its roster the best of Pink Floyd music. Lazy made the songs their own in that they were able to infuse their musicality with Floyd’s and the result is nothing short of a chillout experience. How Jailyn sang the songs (notably in Comfortably Numb and Hey You), with the Latina-like accent and that whispery voice of hers, eargasmic. The lyric-less that is The Great Gig in the Sky, smashing. The funky Money, the soulful Mother, the atmospheric Another Brick in the Wall--everything in the album spells auricular pleasure. I never thought I’d chance upon a bossa album, one that could be on loop mode on my music player, since Bossa N’ Chicago.

I am so into everything Lazy now, both the proper noun and the adjective (hehe). This rather explains why one weekend I was not able to join friends for a cup of coffee after smorgasbording [sic] and finding myself a sloth in bed. I tried my best to be there, trust me, but... (lol). Blame Lazy!

You can listen to the album here. For more info, visit their MySpace profile.
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