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Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 with 7 comments
This is probably one of the hyped movies of this year, more hyped than Solace or Madagascar 2, because prior to Twilight being shown in the cinemas, its book counterpart was the talk of the town. Like Odette’s keen observation, I also heard people, mostly girls (obviously), talking about Edward, Edward, Edward, and more Edward Cullen in the office pantry, the smoking area, the elevator, on the jeepney, and everywhere else. Gee, I thought, here’s a box-office hit in the making. But even with its immense and growing fanbase, was the movie destined to live up to expectations?

I’m writing this review as a regular audience and not one who has and read all four books, pored over it from cover to cover a zillion times, bought the movie accompaniment, got the poster, placed the days-till-it-hits-the-cinema counter on my website or social networking profile. But hey, before you say I don’t have any right to write a review about this movie, my Twilight credential comes with having a little measly knowledge of the book and having read, um, parts of it (I swear I tried finishing Twilight but I never got past the baseball game because it was so full of Edward), but I'm sure that wouldn't suffice. I know Stephenie Meyer did not write the love story of Bella and Edward for old people (technically I’m still young--at heart) or for men for crying out loud. But hearing your friends talk nothing else but Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, one couldn’t resist but satiating one's curiosity, so I found myself leafing through the pages of what the critics are raving as the best (?) since the Harry Potters.

Twilight, the movie adaptation, premiered in the country yesterday. Some friends got to see it for a hefty price of P500. I on the other hand got to watch it on my laptop, in the comfort of my own room, given that I got hold of a passable copy of the movie online. For an outsider, the movie was a bit dragging. The chemistry between the onscreen Bella and Edward didn’t work out as was expected (for me at least), and I didn’t feel the I’m-so-in-love-and-so-full-of-Edward Bella that the book never failed to miss out on, like every page of Twilight was like that. The only notable acting I can pinpoint was from Charlie when Bella was leaving because James was tracking her. For an adaptation though, it remained true to the book (from what I can remember), unlike the Harry Potters or other bestsellers turned into movies where some parts were taken out. If you haven't read it or don't have any idea what it's all about, you'll likely have a hard time enjoying the movie. Overall, I'd give Twilight 3/5.

I hope this adaptation stepped up to the expectations of the real fans of the Stephenie Meyer series. If it didn’t, it can be blamed on the budget that it got, very minimal for adapting a bestseller that swept the teenyboppers of the world off their feet. Latest on rottentomatoes.com tallies the movie at number one, already earning $40 million for a movie with a budget of about 30 million. If Twilight were ever a disappointment, hey, don't fret. You still have Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn waiting to be turned into bankable movies, and that would only mean one thing to the avid followers of this franchise: Edward, Edward, Edward and more Edward Cullen in the years to come.
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