I’m an Uncle (Again!)

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, November 16, 2008 with 8 comments
I come from a big family. My grandpa on my mother’s side had four wives, if my memory serves me right, so I had extended aunts and uncles aside from the brothers of my mom (she’s the only girl on her side). My dad came from a big family as well--they’re like 10 or 12--so it’s no wonder that we’re likely meant to follow the Kadiri-Salapuddin gene pool. Yes, we’re a dozen. I have five sisters and six brothers, with our youngest being fraternal twins.

Three of my older siblings already have families of their own, and their kids are slowly growing in number: The oldest, Kakah, has five; the second to her, Kah Mai, has four; Kah Jun, the oldest among us brothers and the third one, has four as well. I’ve been playing the role of Uncle since I was in high school. I remember babysitting for my nephew way back in the ‘90s and today he’s already in his teens and in second year high school. Now I’m an uncle for the 14th time as another sister of mine, Roslaini, gave birth to her first child. World, meet the newest member of the family, Almenshawy.

More...I was in Zamboanga during the week that my sister was due for labor. She had this feeling that she was about to give birth when my twin siblings and I went pigging out and wifi-surfing at a nearby pastry shop (that’s why I had the shame shirt on the photos). On our way home, we received a text message that my sister and her husband were on their way to the hospital because the labor pains were intensifying. I heard something about uterine contraction and centimeter dilation and all that medical jargon. I maybe in the medical field myself, but giving birth is beyond me.

Me and mom went to the hospital and brought with us pillows and bed linens because they were planning to stay for the night. I, on the other hand, had plans for a pool get-together with good college friends (I still have to write about that) as I was to leave for Manila come Wednesday and a friend for Cagayan the following day, making the event a must for those of us in Zamboanga. I stayed at the hospital for a good hour, but I never got to see my sister because she was still being prepped up after her swift and natural delivery. Of course, I made it a point before leaving to take photos of Baby Almenshawy. I probably ran out of angles to take from the numerous photos I got.

Baby nephew, I hope you grow up to be like your Uncle Bairuz, pogi and intelligent (hehe) and one who doesn’t let good memories like your birth pass by. May you grow up on your own terms but with the guidance of your dad and mom, my sister, and your lola and your dozen other uncles and aunts to your nth degree of consanguinity. Welcome to the family!