The Great Gig with the Twins

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, November 13, 2008 with 7 comments
It's no secret that I went home just this Saturday for a four-day needed break from work (that's why I didn't have any recent posts). I know I should have written about the fun-filled moments I shared with my college friends and family. I will (probably over the weekend), but I never really got the opportunity to write about them. I thought having my laptop would have changed that, but I guess I was just too busy enjoying my weekend (plus Monday-Tuesday) escapade that I failed to update my little site. FYI, I just became an uncle to a new baby boy!

Last night, I was browsing through photos on my laptop and thought of doing something different with a group of pics I and my twin siblings, Jani and Yang, took at a pastry shop in Zamboanga, my hometown. We wanted to try the wifi feature of my computer, and if there's something new happening in my birthplace, it's with the various establishments that littered the city. Unlike the coffee shops that we have here in Manila, there you always get free bytes, meaning unlimited wifi connection (err until they close down of course), and Tsokolate near Lantaka Hotel is one such establishment. We surfed the web over iced teas, cakes, and burgers and took photos from the built-in camera of my Acer, the photos of which were used in the video I hope you play later on. Of course, what the experience was like at Tsokolate the photos tell all.

It took me until the wee hours of the morning just tweaking with the movie maker application my computer came with, applying effects and transitions on all the pictures till I was satisfied with the result of my little experiment. And I must add, I just love Lazy's version of Pink Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky," and the album where this track is found (F.L.O.Y.D. A Chillout Experience) is my current favorite. I hope the twins like this. It gets bitin in the end due to the number of photos that were included, but this is just the first of the many montages my creative juices are about to make.

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