A Year with Blogspot (And My First Internet Earning)

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 with 4 comments
So I’ve been blogging for a year now with Blogspot. Before moving here, I have been posting once-in-a-blue-moon entries in Multiply. I like the concept that Multiply has: With each post, whether it be music, photos, or blogs, your contacts are made aware of them. It’s all good when you think of it, keeping your friends in the loop with what’s happening in your life. But there were just some entries that I’d rather have passing strangers read them. This is where Blogspot came into the picture.

Sure, they can still read them (my contacts), but they would have to go to the trouble of typing this site’s URL so they can access them. It may not sound that much trouble, but moving here has given me the literary freedom as I didn’t have to conform to what my contacts would like to read or not, or censor my posts so that personal details wouldn’t be that personal. After finding out what a better blogging service Blogspot is, I transferred what little posts I had from Multiply to this site and took it from there.

Fast-forward one year and this little site has been religiously updated and maintained like a treasured worn-out diary, although this time, pen-besmirched pages are exchanged for HTML codes, embedded images, cool emoticons, and all that cyber whatchamacallit. Averaging ten posts a month, it’s all good for an office and weekend blogger, which may now change considering that I have my own means (still canvassing for that internet connection). I told a friend before that we write primarily for ourselves and that other people reading them are added icing to the cake. I know years from now, probably when I’m too old to blog or I have my front teeth missing, I would have a grand time reading back through what I’ve written here, a chronicle of what life was like, as I experienced and saw it.

And somewhat as a one-year-of-blogging present, I just got from Mr. Postman my first ever internet earning amounting to 5USD. The sum may be minute compared to other bloggers who are earning by the thousands, but come to think of it, in this day and age, nobody in their right mind would be giving away their hard-earned money to somebody for no apparent reason, unless that somebody is frothing at the mouth because of hunger or something, in any case it would be heartless to do otherwise.

I’m still torn if I would have it encashed, though. It’s like 200 pesos more or less, and some people out there would not go to all the trouble of having a small amount like that deposited. For this reason, I have now set the paycheck settings to 20USD, if ever the earnings continue coming, that way it wouldn’t be that embarrassing when I go to the bank to have it changed to crisp mints. I have 180 days from the date of issuance to encash it before it becomes null and void. Hmm, I think I’ll have it framed instead. Weheh.

Thank God I write. This is what fuels me to continuously input my thoughts on this site, now oblivious of what others may think of or might construe from whatever it is they may get out of reading my journal entries. True, my posts may not be the mind-boggling, scholarly written, or the thought-provoking kind, but they came from my cerebral juices just the same, freshly squeezed, mentally debugged, and preserved for cyber posterity. As long as those same juices keep my mental faculties afloat, I’ll continue writing, missing front teeth and all.