The Universe Conspires...

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, October 27, 2008 with 7 comments

Think happy thoughts (KK KK KK), focus on your utmost desires (KK KK KK), dream that elusive dream and turn them into tangible reality (KK KK KK), these were just some of the things that I’ve been working my mind on for weeks now after learning about The Secret. To the skeptics, this may all be just a passing fancy, one person’s delusional yarn, the work of the occult or something to that effect. But the underlying message is what I find most interesting and even enticing: to be filled with positivism in the hope of getting your heart’s desires, to be oblivious of whatever negativity the Universe lashes at you to dishearten you from achieving those very goals… now that may have sounded like a walk in the park. Not.

After knowing about it from Kim’s blog and watching the two hours of docu/video dedicated to it, I then started applying what grasp I had of what the Secret is all about. This was after I’ve had little foibles of my own. The sudden letdown with my supposed work abroad. My Smartphone got soaked and almost unusable after accidentally dropping it in a pool of floodwater. The money I had to subsequently spend to have it futilely fixed. Losing some cash along the way because of recklessness (I just lost P500 last Saturday after buying something from a sari-sari store). And other things that made me think the Secret is nothing but a big joke. Maybe it is, or maybe I’m just not trying harder.

The Secret isn’t all new to me I soon learned. In fact, I have seen its paperback counterpart on a bookshelf years ago. This was at the time that “The Da Vinci Code” was the talk of bookworms everywhere as it was adapted for the big screen in the same year the Secret came out. It placed alongside the shelf where Dan Brown’s books were, and I thought it was of the same nature. Learning about it now, if I tried picking the paperback then, maybe it would have changed the way I look at things. See, naturally, I’m a pessimist. I believe things are working against me. But in the end, they would tend to end up the way I expected them to be. Most of the time, it worked this way. If it did not, maybe it was never meant to be. Now I know the Secret.

If there’s something the Secret taught me, it’s to totally be optimistic about things, that our positive thoughts will give us what we want, that this positivism or negativism will make the Universe conspire for or against us. You must be out of your mind to be believing such a thing, you’d say. Like everybody being introduced to an idea that is out of this world, I was a skeptic too. But I later realized, what is so bad about being one less sulky person in the universe? The video even postulated that if everybody the world over exudes this positive energy and is lost in an inundation of happy thoughts, imagine what the world would be like. It certainly would be one that everyone aspires for other than their personal wants and needs--a peaceful, warless world.

I may be full of it talking about it this way. But on my end, the Secret has and hasn’t worked for me. Hasn’t in what was earlier mentioned; worked in that I recently got hold of something I always wanted to have (I’m talking about my laptop) and KK showing up on expected and opportune moments (woohoo!). Those, and I always have a smile transfixed upon my face.
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