FBI Special Agent Mahone gets my quick-give-him-an-award nod

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 with 28 comments
William Fitchner, the actor who plays FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone of the cult Fox series Prison Break, definitely gets my nod for an acting plum for his stellar performance this week for the show's "Blow Out" episode.

Ever since his son was murdered by a Company assassin, Wyatt, his character has somehow turned into this tormented father who is close to losing control over his mental faculties and who is bent on tracking down the man responsible for his son's death. The courtroom scene makes it to (my) history as one of the best TV moments that kept my heartbeat going haywire (and the background music worked wonders in subsequently sending me into V-fib). That searing and electrifying eye-to-eye contact (twice: when Wyatt enters the courtroom and sees Mahone on one of the seats, and Wyatt walking his way closer to Mahone making the latter stand up in the process) did it for me. The face-off between these two characters is something to look forward to in the succeeding episodes.

Watch the full "Blow Out" here:

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