We can be Heroes!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 with 4 comments
Heroes' season three is anything but Supernatural (and I'm referring to the show from CW). Having seen both episodes, one and two, in their two-hour special premiere yesterday today (kind of confusing, huh?), it's still hats off to the latest installment of the latter. But don't get me wrong. The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect do not pale in comparison. After having done away with two hours worth of nail-biting tension, Heroes makes it to my top three fave series right now, alongside that show from brothers Dean and Sam and the Connors of T:SCC.

For fans of the Heroes franchise, this season's premiere episodes do not disappoint. It's filled with twists at every turn, with new and old characters introduced and reprising their roles while discovering their new supernatural and otherworldly capabilities. A not-so-new plot in the formula and Suresh's power-creating/curing discovery are presented (thus the blog title), and the finale for the Butterfly Effect with Sylar being &$%$%#@! with Peter and Nathan left me blurting WHHHAAAT?!? Don't read in between the lines so as not to spoil the show for you. Hehe.

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