Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, September 06, 2008 with 6 comments
After two posts about having my passport renewed, I finally got hold of my new maroon, machine-readable one... last week. I know a long overdue post. But what prompted me to write about it this time around is the rather swift and inexpensive way that my uncle had his done: two days only of going to and fro DFA and shelling out P500 for it.

Well, if you haven't read my "renewed" entries (here and here), I actually paid P1,700 to have it color-changed and valid till 2013 for three reasons: I hate the long lines, I wanted it expedited, and I'm a sloth that I'd rather have somebody else do it. You'd think that having paid 1,700 would have solved all three, but no. The processing time was the same; there were still long queues but was quite manageable. I could have done away with my indolence if I could save 1,200 from doing so. Like, who wouldn't?

My uncle will be getting his ten days from now, and mine is already with the agency since last week. As I speak, I am still waiting for updates from them regarding the status of my working visa for Dammam. Now waiting for the results, I'm befuddled with other thoughts: My employer from Maryland emailed to say that I have to register for the state board now as this is one of the requirements for my immigrant visa (that means I have to review yet again and go to Hawaii, the nearest, to take it... and I have to pay for everything), Australia's Migration Experts emailed that I qualified for the Skilled Sponsored (State/Territory) visa and that the next step is to pay $399++ dollars to have it processed, I might leave any moment for the Middle East and this haven't sunk in yet. What am I to do?

As I look at my old, green, passe passport, at least I know what to do five years from now when I have to renew it again: Do it online for P1,300! I still hate the long lines however manageable they seem to be.