The Proverbial Sun Joke

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 with 7 comments
Before I got a smartphone for my birthday, I used to have a lesser-class Nokia phone for my Globe sim. At that time, I had both sim cards from the biggest telco networks in the country, with my Smart being locked to my N73. I also had a Touch Mobile primarily because everybody back home in Zamboanga are TM subscribers; they also have that kinse-kinse that is all the while practical for long talks.

I had a Nokia 2100 lying around for months after my N95 came and after I lost my Smart sim. The phone has seen better days: It had no batteries and the housing is PINK and chipped in some places with Taz printed all over it. This is not the lesser-class Nokia that I owned though. My sister swapped it for my 6100 (it being colored and having a radio tuner), and she took the batteries. The 2100 is in the ranks of the almost-phased out 3310s, made techier(?) with a winking gif as the power saver and the option to have a photo placed at the back. Well, I think that's what the back pocket is for. The norm nowadays is for people to have two or more phones with them, usually the first one being the new mobile breeds while the other is close to extinction.

Just the other day, I decided of bringing it back to life. I got it a new battery and a blue housing. The tindera called them Class A's. You seem to see them everywhere these days, the Class A's and the tinderas. Everything you need for your mobile gadget they have it. They install themes, applications, games, upload mp3s and videos. Even indie porn (read: sex scandals) can be bought in a mall near where I'm from. And people are, well, people none the wiser that lives are ruined and futures made bleaker with these shorts that are even collated and burned in DVDs.

With the phone ready to be used, what new sim to have became the question I pondered over. I don't know much people that are Smart users, my TM is primarily for their call promo, my Globe is on my N95... the likely choice was Sun. Most people I know are switching (more like have a spare Sun sim) to this network because of their unlimited text and call services. Heck, they were the culprit of the unli craze that others soon joined the bandwagon, to the benefit of their subscribers. I got one at a stall in MRT Ayala, and before I knew it, I was forwarding my new Sun around.

Trying to reach my brother's num down south when I got home from work (around 10:00 pm), disgruntled for not being able to connect after numerous attempts, I had the following text conversation with a friend who's already with Sun:

Me: Pangit ng signal!
Friend: D kaya.
Me: Kanina pa ko tawag ng tawag sa zambo.
Friend: Ahh.. bka dun sa kanila mahina.
Me: Gabi na kc, wala ng Sun.
Friend: Onga no. Funny ha. =P