Globe betters service with Unlichat

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, September 06, 2008 with 5 comments
Okay, I've had my fair share of letdowns at having been a Globe prepaid user: "down ang system" for reloading credits, P1 deductions for share-a-loads that didn't even push through, disconnected wap that eats P5 off your credit if you're using "time" browsing. But since most of my contacts are Globe users and the network recently included TM subscribers in their Unlimited and Sulitxt promos, somehow I never got the change of heart.

Now Globe recently launched Unlichat, a wap-based service that let's you log on to Yahoo Messenger anytime, anywhere... and it's free (at least for a month). This requires that you download and install the Unlichat software (also free) by sending CHAT to 2979 or by directly doing so from the Globe portal. After install, you're ready to be "online" for all your Yahoo contacts to see, and I'm loving it.

Unlichat reminds me of Mig33 in that it's like you're chatting through a minimized web browser, unlike the messenger of or where you have to refresh the page every now and then to check for new messages. It still needs some tweaking though, like having the capability to edit contact infos, a chatroom (like Mig33's), and an option to change the status message. But these are minor tweaks compared to what you already have: alerts or vibrates when a contact comes online or if you have a new message, the web-like chat window that you can slide left/right, the option to exit but stay signed in, thereby allowing you to receive alerts even if you're no longer on Unlichat and are using your phone for texting and some other purposes.

Hmm, I'll stop now. Globe is not paying me to write this. Hehe. But is it too much to ask the network to have this free service extended or even made permanent? If it is, at least we get our free YM fix for a month and then go unlichat till sawa. Thanks, Globe!

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