I Hate Rainy Days

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, September 25, 2008 with 5 comments
It was raining. I was on a trike on my way home, listening to the mp3s on my phone, as usual, it safely tucked into my sweater pocket. Going on a slanted road, the music suddenly stopped. I froze for some seconds

and had this feeling that something terrible just happened. Then it dawned: God, my phone just fell. I hurriedly got off the trike, walked back to the alleyway we just passed and started looking for it. The street was dark; the concrete wet. It being slanted, there was a gushing stream of rainwater because Typhoon Nina was yet to leave the Greater Manila Area. After some time of scavenging in the dark, I saw it: There in the middle of the road laid my N95, soaked and dead.

I took it and patted it dry. I turned it on, and as a fluorescent bulb flickering because it has passed its heyday, it came to life. I breathed a sigh of relief for the good fortune I had, but I was yet to assess the magnitude of what just happened when I got home.

Arriving at close to midnight, I checked it once more because my room was well lit. It died yet again. However, this time when I tried turning it on, it wouldn't anymore. Only three months with me and this phone is a goner? I cannot believe it, spending that much for a phone that was gonna die like that. I pried it open. Everything was wet: the battery, the sim card, the microSD. It was that bad. I charged it, and for some reason, it came to life, although the LCD was returning a blank screen. I braced myself that this may be the last day that I may be using it and thought that I had to be content with my 2100 in the mean time.

I guess the internal pieces and intricate wirings dried off because after a long wait (and prayers) for it to work, the screen came back to life. I discovered that the parts that were most affected were the wide LCD and the 5mp camera, two of the most prided features of the N95s. Now it has been reduced to a mere music player. I made a mental calculation of how much I would have to spend to have it fixed. You see, I recently had the keypad and the back housing changed to the original ones at the Nokia Center in MOA. I paid close to P1,500 (because their installation was a hefty 500). How much would the LCD or the Carl Zeiss camera lens cost then? That's beyond me. I guess I would have to find out sooner and I have to ready my pockets for that.

I checked the phone awhile back, and it's no longer working. Maybe, as a friend put it, something was fried. I feel like there's no longer hope for it to be fixed. I'll surely be bringing it to the Nokia Center with a heavy heart this coming weekend. If it weren't pouring, the damage would have been minimal, like just accidentally dropping the phone (it happened quite a few times already). But with the downpour, the damage was magnified. F*^&, I hate rainy days.