A Side Project

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, August 29, 2008 with 4 comments
After posting my music review on Slipkot's newest album the same day that it was released worldwide, as well as offered a streaming link to listen to it while everybody doesn't have a copy yet, a thought dawned on me: Why not create an all-music blog site? I have written quite a few entries on some bands and solo artists and offered recommendations of their songs and singles here on MD. If ever I created one, I thought, all I had to do was repost all of my music-related entries for starters, and that I did. The result: My Music Shack.

I had a problem thinking about what name to call this side project and what URL to use. I first began with musicmo.blogspot.com (because I just liked the sound of it), but later changed that to my jock name (I used to work as a radio deejay under the name "Red Stinger"). So being a jock and somebody who knows a little something about music, I figured I would be able to maintain the site. Thus, djstinger.blogspot.com was born.

It was fun working on this. I wanted it to be simple. I removed almost everything: the author and view profile links, the comments section, the date and time, and just included a search page and a labels area for all my blogs. And SEO, what was then an unknown acronym for me, was experimented on My Music Shack just for the heck of it. It doesn't hurt, I believe, to earn a few bucks while at the same time doing what you love, writing. And in my days of research, I learned quite a few tricks: changing HTML codes, putting meta tags, and endless ads (from adsense, bidvertiser, and adbrite). You'll see them everywhere. Hehe.

What may or may not become of this site, I'm not worrying about that much. This fact I know: I would be able to blog and blabber about one of the things I have the passion for, music, and it's more than a motivation to keep this side project alive and rockin'.