RIP: Smileys

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 with 6 comments
I'm one blogger who loves including smileys on my posts. Having them on the title of my blogs, they give some sort of a gist to what my entry is all about. Sometimes I believe that their very presence are stand-alones, that I need not elaborate on whatever it is I wanted to write. But checking one of my older posts, I was at a loss to find that one of the websites I use to get them smileys had already closed.

I get most of my emoticons from because they had a variety of these little yellow fellows that fit perfectly my journal entries. Now they're replaced by little boxes with little x's right smacked in the middle. How many of my blogs that have these now, I don't even want to know. I've learned a valuable lesson here. This time I'm saving all the smileys I get from various sites on my Picoodle account. I'm having this feeling though that this website would soon close too, and I've been frequenting this site to post not only my emoticons but my photos as well. Compared to Photobucket, the uploading of photos with this server is such an ease. If that happens (the closing of Picoodle), what will become of my blogs is just too disheartening to imagine. It's too late to change to another one now as I have been blogging and using the services of Picoodle for almost a year. Just imagine all those posts.

Now it will be a lot of hard work changing all of these boxes to new emoticons. It takes me some time to select the one that's best for each of my journal entries (yes, I'm that Oc-Oc). If only I know how to make one of these, this wouldn't have been a problem, and like I said on a previous entry, I would have even made one out of my ownself.

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