Going Renewed

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, August 03, 2008 with 3 comments
I cannot believe that I am spending much for this prospective PT job in Dammam, and that's just for the processing. I have already submitted my DFA Red Ribbons to the agency and they, in turn, will be forwarding it to the Saudi Embassy for stamping. Each of those ribbons costs P650, and there are five of them: my CHED documents which include my TOR and diploma, PRC board certificate, license, and board rating, and my employment certificate, which I haven't submitted yet because I am just so fed up going thru and fro government offices. Just when I thought that I would no longer be shelling out more money for this or not visit another government agency, I was just informed to have my passport renewed. Upon checking its validity, they found out that it will be expiring in 2010, and I supposedly will still be in Dammam when it expires. I could only sigh when I got my unused passport last week.

Tomorrow I'm planning of dropping by DFA, but I'm still thinking it over. If it pushes through, that means I have to be late for work for the nth time. Not that I mind, but if I resign, I'd like it at least to be a graceful exit. I called this cargo and freight company, 2Go, and inquired about their passport renewal service, but even that cost twice as much, although opting for this means I'd be free of commuting and the long lines one is usually faced with in government offices. Just in case I decide to go there tomorrow or have somebody else take care of it for me, I went to have a passport-sized photo taken.

I am not quite sure if DFA accepts applicant photos where the bearer sports long hair, but I didn't want to have my locks trimmed just yet. I'm thinking that sometime in the near future, this Dammam thing doesn't push through. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not ready to take on this whole new experience. The photographer was saying that my ears should be sticking out, and having long hair sure doesn't help. It took me a long time in their studio room just to get my hair done. I was quite sure that the other customers outside were already losing their patience just waiting for me to finish up. I finally asked to borrow anything to tie my hair with, and voila! They gave me a girlie band with two little blue stars on. Wehehe.

Just before my photo was taken and I was left alone in the studio to put on their white long sleeve and that big dress they called a coat, I was surprised to find my Angel's (somehow that sounded stalker-ish) photos all throughout the room. Judging by the looks of it, she still isn't the big star that she is right now, and judging by the looks of her partner, it was like the Beauty and the Beast personified; pun or no pun intended is for the readers to decide. This ordinary-looking guy sure is sooo lucky! Does he own this imaging center to score bazillion of shots with Angel Locsin? I'd gladly be the Beast just to have a picture taken with her, even if it's just for a single shot. Well, this likely proves that there is hope for the not-so-gifted-with-looks Pinoys out there, with luck or money that is. I'm not saying that Angel would go for that kind of thing (money). If she would, that surely would be a letdown, and I have to scrimp and save just to score a date with her (pun intended)!

Anyhow, now that I have my photos with me, I can have my passport renewed, whichever way I want it done. The processing, if I'm not mistaken, usually takes a week, and if I already have my new passport in my person, waah, this month I'd be out of here. Gulps!