The Olympics That Was

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, August 25, 2008 with 3 comments
The recently concluded Beijing Olympics may have ended on a sour note for our Filipino athletes who all, sadly, failed in their quest to bring home a gold medallion. Pinoy Olympians that were expected to at least snatch a medal--Tshomlee Go, Marie Antoinette Rivero, and Harry Tanamor--became disappointments in their very disciplines, being defeated at their first matches by athletes from other countries. But despite that, the 2008 Games became a mirror of the camaraderie that still rings true for people of all races, bridging the gap that otherwise jeopardizes the very thing that we hold, peace.

This Olympics also saw the breaking of many world records, with US swimmer Michael Phelps and Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt probably on the top of the list as the most talked about. Then there was the accident of weightlifter Janos Baranyai that showed the determination of the participants, even if it meant incurring injuries on oneself, just to outdo their personal bests.

The closing ceremonies last night was as grand as when the games were kicked off last 080808. Even if it cost China billions of dollars to stage a monumental undertaking like this (and taking flak for some of their actions against the media and protesters), the humongous publicity they got would have offset the expenses. I now expect to see "Made in China" more and more on almost anything.

It was affecting seeing 2007 Sea Games gold medalist Henry Dagmil teary-eyed as he recounted his resolute nisus at the long jump arena. He said something about preparing only for a few months for the Games when it should have been at least three years. He also aired his concern about having different coaches, on his training and on the Olympics itself, making it difficult for him follow what is what and which is which. Clearly, this shows how deficient our training regimens and Olympic preparations are compared to those of other countries.

London 2008 is but four years away, and a new breed of Pinoy Olympians will be trying their best at the medal hoard once again. Let our athletes, this time around, come home with tears of joy at having bagged an Olympic medallion.

Photo from the Official Website of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.