Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, July 24, 2008 with 2 comments
This is totally going in my blog! -Barney Stinson

Ever since I got hold of my DVD player after about two months of hung-up with the repair guys, I have been fighting sleep for weeks, fighting in the sense that I had to keep my eyes wide open in the wee hours of the morning just so to finish the movies that I had missed or some American TV series I had postponed to watch. This partly explains why I've been coming late to work the last couple of weeks. The process of my working visa for Dammam that I personally attended to has been contributory also in my work indolence. It's no surprise that I made it to the "Tardiness et al" email that our supervisor sent out the other day, and as such, a consequence for us tardy boys and girls is in the offing, which I don't seem to mind nowadays.

I've been watching for some time now "How I Met Your Mother," and I must say that the series has kept me surprisingly entertained the past nights. The story is about Ted and how he handles this quarter life crisis (read: settling down) at 26. With him is a motley crew of characters providing additional icing to the plot: the young-at-heart giant best friend Marshal and his frustrated-painter fiance Lily, the love-of-his-life Robin who didn't end up to be the "Mother" of his two children with two seasons' worth of buildup (I'm yet to find out why), and the best friend (wink) and the ever-present wingman and the guy everybody loves to hate, bringing the pizazz to the whole make-up of the show, Barney Stinson, played so awesomely by Neil Patrick Harris. Who would have thought that the young Doogie Howser, M.D. of the famed series of the same name in the '90s would turn out to be this legendar-il-y zany. He's character is just frigging awesome, and "How I Met Your Mother" wouldn't be what it is right now without Barney as one of the supporting characters. And the pickup lines--Haaaave you met, Kadz?--ingenious.

I'm close to finishing the second season (three more episodes I guess), and I'm yet to scour for its third season installment in bangketas everywhere. I wonder when Britney's audience-drawing cameo appearance will be on. I've read from critics that contrary to her I'm-drunk Gimme More VMA rendition, she was good, even portraying her character Abby awesomely in some ways ! But I'll be the judge of that. Brit, suit up!