Hired but...

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, July 05, 2008 with 3 comments

I'm having quite a dilemma right now if I'll be pushing through with this overseas job I just got hired for. I have been working for a transcription company as an editor close to two years now, and that is the same span of time of my inactivity with my profession. I owe it to myself and to my future US employer that I need to be experienced with the roles and responsibilities that being a physical therapist entails. Don't get me wrong, given my scholastic background (modesty aside), I know I will be able to perform my function well, but I'm afraid that I may have missed on a lot of things in the world of rehabilitation medicine.

The dilemma partially lies on the salary. The one they offered me is close to what I'm earning right now as an able editor, although my food, lodging, and transportation will be taken care of. My sister, who was recently here, said that at this point, the salary is immaterial and that I would have to set my mind on getting the needed hands-on experience. I may be earning almost the same, but at least as a physical therapist. Still, I can only give out a sigh with the pay as it is way short to the standard wage offered for PTs working in Saudi government hospitals. Yes, the opening is in a reputable polyclinic in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

My US immigrant visa as of writing is still in process, and the waiting period is from one to two years. I told myself that if I ever take the job, I will only stay there for a year and then maybe try crossing borders to Dubai and Europe to score a date wit
h Lady Luck, or maybe return home when everything is A-OK with my US visa. But I guess I wouldn't be able to save enough given the meager payslip that I will be receiving. I am close to saying ok, but I still have to think it over. I was told that I could leave as early as two weeks when all the documents and requirements are completed, and that thought alone conjures mixed emotions.