FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, July 19, 2008 with 6 comments
With Boy, Meself, Tim and Ton at the WTC for the FHM event

Who said anything about the rainy season coming in? The night of July 17th definitely wasn't drizzling. It was entirely the opposite, sizzling hot, literally and figuratively speaking, because it was the night that FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World paraded one after another in front of hundreds of men whose testosterone levels were verging on maniacal.

Our friend Ton was able to get entrance tickets for us Offline boys to one of the most anticipated fashion galas/parades of almost naked women in the land. And who are we to not say "yes, yes, yes" on an event like this? And it being free was an added bonus. Ton, Boy and Emman arrived earlier since Tim and my shift end at 9:00 pm. Honestly, I didn't know where the World Trade Center is, and to think I took the bus just around the corner when I went to work in the morning. When we finally reached the venue, we were late by just an hour, so we didn't miss much on the action.

Being a conservative country, there were still prohibitions when it came to the catwalk itself, contrary to what the event is called. I was expecting something fleshier (heheh) given that FHM is notorious and at times controversial with the photos gracing its covers and pages. Not surprisingly, it was toned down a bit. It's all fine by me, but I think it was a disappointment to the drooling men with skyrocketing libido in the crowd. At least these women were still the Maria Claras of our (wet) dreams despite the boobies (excuse my language) with stickers covering just the right places and that part covered by a tapestry of fine thread somebody descriptively called a T-Back.

I must say that I was starstruck when those that were on the Sexiest List began parading down the catwalk, even though most were modestly clad as opposed to the almost naked models that regularly strutted their stuff throughout the evening. Funny, I don't even know most of their names. But seeing them lined up up there on stage, I could only admire (and gasp) at their God-given looks and endowments from a distance. I was hoping if Angel Locsin that I heart would make her heavenly presence known, but she didn't. Allegedly there was a rift between this year's "Mob Princess," Marian Rivera, and the former FHM Sexiest, my Angel. F@#% showbiz!

Too bad my phone died on me just when things were beginning to get visually better. This is the reason that I wasn't able to take that much photos. I only got to take a couple, blurred and distant, compared to Boy's and Ton's numerous memorabilias for they each brought digital cameras. They're yet to upload them, so I will be updating this entry once they do.

This was definitely one of the hottest nights for those present. But seriously, was something wrong with the AC system? The lack of ventilation well contributed to the rising bodily temperature of everybody, girls and boys alike. And four hours or so of R-18 entertainment, somebody got to see their fantasies... in the flesh.

Update: Please visit Ton's Multiply for more photos.