Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 with 7 comments
Two of my sisters and my mom had been bamboozled by the glutathione supplement called Lucida DS. I wrote how last year they asked me to purchase bottles for them when this whitening/antioxidant hype came to its full bloom. At that time, Lucida was not yet being sold in Zamboanga City. They have emptied at least three bottles (each) since then until finally settling to another brand at a lesser price. With what’s reported on the news this weekend, I hope they did so earlier.

The Lucida supplement is being recalled by the Bureau of Food and Drugs because of falsely advertising that it contained 500mg of glutathione when in fact it didn’t. Two other brands are also being shelved off the pharmacy counters because of “lying” to consumers about their purported glutathione content. Imagine getting medicines close to P1,500 a bottle only to find out that they do not deliver. Preposterous. Sadly, this news came too late.

There are some people who’d like to have fairer skin, and these glutathione or metathione supplements, primarily used for their antioxidizing effects (or vice versa), offer brown-skinned Pinoys a chance to get the best of both. But with pharmaceutical companies resorting to this kind of marketing ploy at the expense of consumers, like my mom and two of my sisters, it’s downright disgusting.

These are the product batches being recalled by BFAD: Glutalife with Batch No. 20078019; Lucida-DS with Lot. No. 168015L, and Vaniderm with Lot. No. 168015V. Forget about the serial numbers. Don’t buy them, ever.