Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, July 13, 2008 with 7 comments
So in my desire to complete the requirements for my medical examination, I went to get a pair of eyeglasses today because the optometrist from the clinic said that I had problems with my vision, which I just shrugged off to be untrue. But who am I to say otherwise. My medical background only went as far as the optical muscles and its innervation. With the eyes and the tests done to ascertain the normality of one's vision, it was out of our scope as physical therapists.

The people from the clinic recommended some of the lines they had for P1,500 last week. I know that I can get a pair way affordable than that outside, stalling the release of the results of my medical examination for days now. Besides, I was not in a rush, although my contact from the agency wanted me to expedite the documents so that I can be in Dammam in no time. I feel that the processing may take only a few weeks, and God willing, I can leave the soonest. Honestly, I'm not yet ready to face this whole experience.

I know that a lot of optical shops can be found in Raon, Quiapo so it became the likely place for me to get a pair. It's located near all the shops where you can also buy the electronics you desire, from DVDs, components, TVs, amplifiers, and a lot more. Of course, they're either secondhand, imitations, "China" made, or the not-branded ones... but despite that, they're what most call within budget. And the eyeglasses found in Raon fall within this category too.

As a rule of thumb, with shops like these that are situated close to each other and clamoring for the customer's attention, it's best that you scout the place and not limit yourself to the first store that you see, which was obviouly what I did. I was looking for a pair with the black frames that are below 1,500 or 1,000 even. I can see fine, and I figured that if I get the most expensive one, it would just be a waste of money since I wouldn't be wearing it that much. Like I said in a previous blog, it was only for a show.

It took me about five optical shops before I ended up buying the pair for me. It was only the second time around (it was the first optical shop that I checked ironically) when I realized that the frames had the Oakley trademark on; meaning, the frames were an imitation. I asked if they had the same frame minus the "O" or if there was any way to have it removed. I'd rather wear an un-branded one than put on something that was japeyk. No, the reply came. It was the only pair I felt fitted me perfectly after going inside four others, so I had no choice and ended up getting it. Maybe if I wore it, people would think it's the original given my *%^&$%^ looks.

So I had my vision checked... again. I faced another Snellen chart and tried my best to read beyond LPED, the fourth line. I had on this eyewear where the optometrist can just put on, through a slot on the frame, lens to check for the clarity of the vision. Battling and struggling with the fifth line, she inserted one. I was overwhelmed with how my vision became crystal clear, that I can read everything, including the letters on the eight line, the first time since undergoing seven medical examinations. The doctor said my vision is 75 on both eyes and that I have nearsightedness. Talk about something I just shrugged off to be untrue, huh?

They said I could get my new eyewear in just an hour, but I will be getting it on Tuesday instead for two reasons: They don't have charge options, and I didn't have cash with me. Why Tuesday? It happens to be payday. Ha! I still can't picture myself wearing one, though. With my long hair and a thick, black-framed pair of Owkley glasses, and Vans/Chuck for shoes, that pretty much sums up the I'm-emo look, which I don't intend to look like anyway. At least this time around with my new pair of eyeglasses on, I'll have sharper and crisper vision, for a show, an emo/rockish guise, or whatnot.