Site Updates VI

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Friday, June 06, 2008 with 5 comments

What a long week this week had been. I didn’t notice that I reported for work seven days straight. Probably because last Sunday and Monday, there weren’t much people in the office, even the bosses weren’t here, so I was able to “feel at home.” Tomorrow, I get to have a badly needed rest.

Tim and some former colleagues are planning of going out tonight. This actually is a weekly thing, something planned every Friday night and dubbed The Friday Club. I actually got to go out with them the first time, but it was only after some more Friday binge that they decided to make it a weekly outlet for the stress of the week that passed. I still get invites to some bars from an online friend (related entry here), and if they wanted, I can forward their names for the guestlist. But Joyce and Gimaru, I was told, didn’t want to dress up for the club thing. I, on the other hand, is penniless because I recently got myself a new phone as a birthday present. My horoscope for today said to “monitor your budget and avoid any unnecessary expenses. It is time to get your finances back on track.” How uncannily true. So no weekend plans for me.

I hate how my Blogspot now looks. Some HTML codes could no longer be read by the Blogger system that the lines in between my journal entries are spaced. I preferred the compact look it had before. I checked the HTML codes I inputted at the beginning of each blog post, which still happens to be there, and for some reason it doesn't work anymore. I am a perfectionist at times, and the overall look of my blogs doesn’t motivate me to post anything anymore. I hope some HTML editing eliminate the spaces in between the lines or else…