It Could Have Been Prevented...

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, June 23, 2008 with 5 comments
I could not help but get goosebumps all over having heard of the capsizing of MV Princess of the Stars last Saturday due to strong, unrelenting winds brought upon by Typhoon Frank that ravaged some parts of the Philippines on that same fateful day. Learning of the fatalities, close to 700 still missing and believed to be dead, I am filled with outrage over the lack of common sense of Sulpicio Lines, the owner of the liner, and at the Phillipine Coast Guard for allegedly giving the permission to release the boat’s moorings last Friday for a 20-hour trip from Manila to Cebu. To quote the President, "Why did you allow it to sail and why was there no ample warning? I want answers." This could have been prevented. The loss of lives due to the negligence of a few, somebody must be held accountable.

Our prayers are with the families of the victims of this latest maritime tragedy.