Bad, bad service

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, June 29, 2008 with 3 comments
I was supposed to be carrying home my player I had repaired that finally succumbed to a year's worth of DVD marathons. I would have had it inside my bedroom since last Wednesday if the people at the shop let me claim it even if I no longer have the repair card number they issued the first time I went there to have it fixed. They went all-strict on me, even having the audacity to say that I get an affidavit of loss before they can release it. I went home infuriated by that fact and said to myself that the next time the player breaks down I'll be dumping it in the garbage bin. They had the player with them for two months, and their service was bad as hell.

I finally got to talk to them to allow me to claim it even without an affidavit of loss. I really had a problem securing one because I simply didn't have the time. So earlier, I went to their shop thinking that at long last I'll be able to catch up on a lot of TV shows and movies I have missed because I'll be able to bring my player home. They even had it tested in front of me only to find out that the DVDs they inserted were not working; ergo, the DVD player is not working. I was trying my best to keep my disdain to a minimum, although I was sure they noticed how I felt. Imagine, two months with them and it's not yet fixed. They said they'll be reaching me through text messaging ASAP if they have resolved the glitch. Yeah, right. I wonder when would that be. I'll probably get myself a new player.