Unkempt and Job Hunting

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, May 05, 2008 with 4 comments
Yesterday, I bought myself a copy of Manila Bulletin in the hope that I will be able to find job vacancies for physical therapists in the Middle East. Close to an hour of leafing through the pages of the broadsheet, I hardly found one. Unlike nurses where there are enumerable job opportunities in countries like the UK, US, Singapore, and the Middle East, physical therapy is no longer that in-demand as it was back in the '90s where, rumors had it, certain PT classes, even though they haven't yet gotten their diplomas, already had jobs waiting for them overseas.

The US is the only country I know now that has a continuous demand for physical therapists, but the stiff and lengthy visa process has been such a hindrance for Pinoy PTs to get there, and my friends and I know from experience. My immigrant visa, I was told, will be processed only God knows when. This is brought upon by the retrogression in their visa processing. Case numbers filed in 2005 are now only being acted upon. Mine was applied in February 2008, go figure.

With no jobs posted on MB, I started checking out poea.gov.ph. The last couple of weeks, I had some problems accessing it. I thought there was a glitch with the site itself, because previously, I didn't have this concern. As proxies are the norm here (he-he), I tried inputting their URL on the address bar. Voila. But what a bomber, though. I didn't know that "they" have already restricted access to POEA's website and not Jobstreet or any another local job search engines. Between POEA and Jobstreet, if I were one of "them," I'd go with the latter.

Most of the vacancies are for PT posts in Saudi Arabia, US, and Pohnpei. I was curious with the last one. It sounded Vietnamese to me, but with a little research, the opening is in Micronesia. Interesting. I wonder what their job entails as some agencies make our profession synonymous with that of spa/massage therapists. I already made some calls, and I will be dropping by some of the recruitment agencies in the coming days to pass my CV. I learned that one of them would be having employer interviews this week, and I've been thinking if I'll have my semi-long locks trimmed for this, even without the assurance of any job. See, I have this just-off-the-bed look, the only do I'm comfortable with and one which I don't mind. But a job interview like this, they'd at least want their applicants looking neat and professional-like and whatnot. Hmm, hair-job, hair-job, hair-job? Is "both" too much to ask? He-he.