Site Updates V

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, May 19, 2008 with 3 comments

I haven’t written one of these blogger updates like I used to before. There were just so many things I’d like to have my mind debugged off that I’ll include all of them in one journal entry.

I’ll start off with PBB. I never am an avid viewer of this reality program from ABS-CBN. I only get a wind of it on weekends: during their Eviction Night on Saturdays and every Sunday for the nominations. Well, that would still have to depend if other stations have nothing worthwhile to offer to my otherwise exquisite viewing tastes. Hehe.

I just wanted to do an update on PBB because I wrote an entry once when all this started way back March of this year (here). On that three-paragraph blog, I wrote about one particular houseguest that I was rooting for to win, Priscilla Natividad. But because of some house rules she, along with two others, broke in the previous episodes, she was automatically nominated for eviction. Her fate on the reality program was then placed on the hands of the viewers, but because of an altercation with a houseplayer, a certain Shy that looks like our officemate(!), her true colors were shown, much to the dismay of a lot of people. You see, she was special amongst the housemates; special in the sense that she was deaf and communicated through lip-reading. That alone is already laudable, but it wasn’t enough to save her from being booted out. I believe this only shows that first impressions are never always right. But at least, like she said in an interview, “Nagpapakatotoo lang ako.”

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So it’s David vs. David on AI. I wrote an entry, too, entitled “David vs. David vs. Carly(?)” last month. The title was like that because I already had the gut feeling that both Davids will be battling it out on the AI finals. Why Carly was included on the title? Well, that was because, like Priscilla of PBB, I also wanted her to win. The question mark? I was quite unsure if she would make it further, let alone on the finals night. I would have to say that this was because of her wrong song choices and her lack of performance power onstage. I would have liked to see her belting it out further down the competition, so it was such a surprise seeing Brooke and Jason, who both made bloopers on some of their performances, beating her to that. Well, this only proves how charisma works wonders in a competition like this.

So no question about it: David Archuleta will be bringing home the title of AI this year. The finals will be this week, and it’ll take Divine Intervention for David Cook to snatch the Idol away from David A. Either way for David Cook, he has great things in store for him. I see him as the next Daughtry. I'll be ubergasted if he wins it this week. We’ll just have to see.

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An update on the RCBC Cabuyao robbery/killing I posted last Saturday (here). It’s sad to note that the one person who was found alive but in critical condition passed away yesterday. He could have been the only key to the resolution of this hideous crime. I hope the authorities find the perpertrators as soon as possible to bring justice and peace to the victims and their families.

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Wow, a lengthy blog. I didn’t know bossa music could be so stimulating. The thoughts were just free-flowing listening to “Pure Brazil Flavor” as I write this entry. What I need now is a couch to complete the lounge effect (here in the office!). Ha! Stream it here if you're into this brand of music.