Going to the Summer Capital this Rainy Season

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, May 24, 2008 with 4 comments
I’m thankful that my supervisor was able to find a way for me to not be around the office the whole week of next week. Originally, I planned of applying a three-day leave to accompany my sister and my mom to Baguio and absenting myself the next two days by calling in that I’m down with something I haven’t thought of just yet (weheh). We’re going there because my sister was invited to attend a three-day seminar/conference this coming Wednesday. As my mom has something important keeping her busy nowadays back home, one of my many siblings (we’re 12!) came with my sis instead. Everything is set to go; my sister was even able to find a place for us to crash while in Baguio for five days. The question was, if I would be able to go with them.

Filing for PTOs in the office is not as lenient like before as we are currently flooded with a lot of videos to caption; in fact, the bulk of them are now overdue. So the PTO request I filed last Tuesday was, obviously, not approved; our OIC suggested swapping schedules with somebody from the office instead. The problem was: We don’t have that much “somebody” in the office anymore. So it came down to this: I suggested that I go work seven days this week, file one leave next week, and work seven days next next week. It can be confusing really, but it’s simple. I’ll just report to the office during my rest days, two Saturdays and Sundays of this week and the next, and exchange those for four days of Baguio-bliss next week. So plus the PTO, it will amount to five days, enough to cover for my absences (with pay!) at work. I wanted to go too as I need to reflect and internalize on things gone past. Ha-ha. Who wouldn’t want to go when all is paid for?

Props to our sup for making it happen, by that I mean talking to the bosses and committing to them that way I need not unnecessarily absent myself and affect the team’s production.
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