Are you in your hottest?

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, May 10, 2008 with 9 comments

After about five invites from a friend I met on Facebook, Tim and I at long last were able to go partay!!! Wehehe.

I don't consider myself a party animal. I'd rather go watch gigs or drop by bars with live bands than be in high-end clubs. But when a Facebook contact, who is connected with this promotions outfit, sent a message with details on getting into clubs like Alchemy, Ascend, and Jaipur on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays respectively, I just had to go there after turning down about five invites as a sort of courtesy. On the days mentioned, she would usually send a text message asking us to send our names up to a particular time to get on the guest list. That meant free entrance and, I believe, free drinks on some nights.

Yesterday when I received the text message, I asked Tim if he was still up for the clubbing thingy. It was quarter to 5:00 and the names should be forwarded by 6:00. I was asking friends from the office, too, if they would like to come, like Odette and Boy. But it turned out to be just the two of us. Odette has a thing against clubs, and Boy thought it was a ballroom dancing gig; Tim's supposed "date" wasn't able to come, too, because of health reasons.

It was our first time in Ascend so we didn't know what particular hour the real party actually starts. The club usually opens at 11:00, and we were there at 10:30(!), that when we got there, the place was half empty of the usual party-hardy folks. So we decided to just go out and get some cigs and be back by 11:00-11:30. One of the Ascend people I asked said that it is around past midnight when people start flooding the area. Some friends from the office called and said that they were free for the night and that they'd be able to come to Bonifacio High Street, where Ascend is. We invited them before we went to the club, but they had some plans for the night. It would have been great when their plans were changed a little earlier that way they would be able to get in for free (entrance is P500 and comes with a drink worth P100++). The night would have turned best if we were in the company of people we know.

We came back past 11:00 and just chilled out with some ice-cold drinks. As was expected, people start coming past midnight, and I must say that Ascend has "hot" patrons. We situated ourselves near the bar and just enjoyed the music and oggled at people as they come and go. After some hours, we then decided to go outside and relax our tired feet after hours of standing; Ascend doesn't have stools. We talked and joked about stuff and soon learned that Gem, Shy, and Ron were in the vicinity. We went to Starbucks where these guys were, and the night was capped with the comic antics of Gimaru and banters from the whole gang.

Before I end this entry, I just wanna thank Ladonna of Push and Steak for the invites. Too bad, we didn't get the chance to meet and to personally thank her. The next time, the whole motley crew of what once was TNC will be there, that is if the invites still come in. And guys, out of courtesy, be in your hottest, okay? He-he.

Borrowed photo from the Multiply album of Caloicoy.
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