A Synaptic Transmission

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, April 10, 2008 with 2 comments
Yesterday when I went to our school for a visit, I asked my friend if they had some of the old issues of our school paper, issues that I was fortunate enough to have taken an active part in its rebirth and realization, at least three of them. The Synapse, The Official Student Publication of Brent Hospital and Colleges Incorporated, that’s what it’s called, and it was the newsmagazine I headed for two years.

It was hard juggling extracurricular activities with my studies. At that point, we were already in our PT proper, with all of my units accounting for major subjects. It was not surprising that my grades began to plummet down, and when I could no longer do the balancing act for both, we never got to publish our last issue during our senior year. I still give credit to some of the members of the editorial board, but they could attest when I say that I did the bulk of the job. From the initial conception of the semester’s issue, lay outing, writing short news and feature stories, editing student-submitted articles, going to and fro the printing press… the hard work was unimaginable, and the pressure always mounting. It was both physically and mentally exhausting, yet the issues we successfully came up with remunerates for all of those. If not for the students and the money taken from their tuition fees to finance each issue that would rather go to the school’s accounting ledger if no magazine was produced, I wouldn’t wage my grades on a publication that was about to fade into oblivion because of lack of active members. And yet three issues in two years, it was something to be proud of.

The able editor that I am now, I read through (more like mentally edited) some of the things I wrote on the pages of the Synapse. I missed some commas somewhere, overlooked same-sounding words and minor boo-boos on subject-verb agreement. I could be that meticulous even with my own work, scrutinizing the littlest details and flaws, and I should have been twice more so during the inception of those issues. With me alone doing almost everything, some things were bound to be amiss. But then again, my past mistakes make me the better person that I am now, with my perfectionist subconscious continuing to transmit creative impulses that I need every now and then.

Overall, the magazine was fine and readable. Coupled in its simplicity were time and effort devotedly imbued with the ink and the paper that made it whole, realized by students wanting to share their views, thoughts and sentiments to the individuals they see in school every day. And it was all worth it, receiving recognition for a job well done from the whole makeup of the academe: fellow students, the teachers, and even the school administration.

I will be posting something I wrote from the pages of our school publication: an article that appeared on my column and a short story from its features page. I’ll post them each as separate entries. I’m planning of cutting the short into two parts as it is three pages long (with the column filling out the entire page in 11-point type); I know something that lengthy could overwhelm the ephemeral reader. These two items will now grace not the four confines of a pristine white paper but that of a webpage here on my blog. Written by a much younger version of me, even I myself find what I scribbled down surprising, and I intend to post it not so much to prove anything but to rally stories worth sharing.