Photos from Jolo, Sulu

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Sunday, April 13, 2008 with 10 comments
I’ve spent almost a week in Jolo, Sulu visiting my family and relatives, as well as to attend the graduation of my niece. From the hundred of photos taken from both my digicam and my camera phone, I only chose to include the following for their artistic (ahem) relevance and for lack of space.

Maubo Beach
I heard there was a far better beach in Jolo called Quezon, with whiter sand, less people, and less pollution. Our cousins were the ones who planned the beach outing, just before most of us would be going back to Zamboanga City, and Quezon Beach was not the likely choice because it was far.

I took a lot of photos of these two unfinished houses near the beach. Its juxtaposition was just something to behold.

Low Tide
And low tides here can be very low.

Two poles in the middle of the beach. The photo was possible to take because the water was just knee-level.

Chang before the Graduation
My niece getting ready for her graduation. Her hair was curled using ice drop sticks and rubber bands.

This little kid ran away from me when he saw how I was aiming my camera on him. His whole back was covered with sand, and I liked how it looked. I got this photo instead.

Braving the Seas
I could not fathom how this, and other houses scattered on the shoreline, could withstand strong waves and heavy winds. Maybe they’re sturdier than they seem to be.

The bamboo serves as an elevated walkway going to my sister’s house whose daughter was graduating from her elementary school. On photo is my other niece, Jija.

My niece Dada gladly posed for this shot.

Lost in Thought
On cam is my other niece Jantung. At such young age, they already know how to do cool poses, don’t you think? He-he. I guess creativity runs in the family.