On a Vacation Leave

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Tuesday, April 08, 2008 with 4 comments
Wow, gone for a week and I love it. No work, and just enjoying the good, ol’ summer heat with friends and family. After I had got my 10-day vacation leave, off I went to my birthplace, Zamboanga City. I just got back from Jolo where I spent almost half of my VL and got sick there for a few days. First, it had something to do with the water. Secondly, I think I was under the sun that long that I may have suffered from heatstroke, what with a terrible migraine keeping me under the bed cover the past days, on-and-off fever, and a face sunburnt up a notch that the redness ebbed away just recently. I could have checked my Blogspot and probably wrote something from there (yes, Jolo is not that technology-handicapped as others may think), but I just wanted to enjoy the summer without anything to think of, and my nieces and nephews made it extra special for me. Kulit.

Basking under the summer heat

As I’m writing this, I’m still dealing with a little headache, and last night’s 9-hour boat ride didn’t help. The week before, when my mom and I went to Jolo, we were fortunate enough to get a spot in the air-conditioned section of the liner plying the route Jolo-Zamboanga even if there were no beds available. But therein laid the problem: We had to settle on a single cot bed. We could have gone the next day, and that would get us one of those two-decked beds with comfortable mattresses on them, but my mom had some important things to attend to. It was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps [sic] I got. We could barely fit on the bed that my legs ended up on the walls. But who am I to complain? Some passengers settled on the floor with carton boxes for beds. No wonder why some ship mishaps end up because of overloading.

Maubo Beach, Jolo, Sulu

I only have a week left of my VL, and this time I’ll be spending it here in Zamboanga. I haven’t gone out yet; it may sound ironic because I’m really from here. One year out of the city leaves me wondering what changes have transpired in the place I called home the last 20+ years of my existence. I hope I’m in for a surprise. Last year when I was here, although there had been improvements in some parts of the city, it was just the same.

I just finished typing some office papers for my mom (something I used to do on our bulky typewriter). I’ll probably head out in a little while and wander around the city proper: check out tees, window shop for a mp3 player or a memory card reader, and hook up with college buddies. Last time I heard, they are now on the teaching staff of our PT school. Whew, time goes by so fast. Waking up tomorrow morning, I won’t be surprised if I’m back in the Big City.
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