NZ Marked the Spott!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Monday, April 28, 2008 with 7 comments
Working in the radio industry for a year or so, I was introduced to a rather unfamiliar band from Down Under's little neighbor, New Zealand. I guess having a program director that is really into rock music and a radio station that has an at-par playlist (at least during our time), getting to know the band and liking their music was just meant to happen. Back then, we used to get CD samplers from our US counterparts, bringing up-and-coming bands and artists a venue to have their songs played on our airwaves, especially during our once-a-week, three-hour rock program called "The Overload."

When our station began exchanging passé CD players for computers, all songs from our CD library were uploaded and converted to MP3s, and I got a hell of a fun time ripping them on blank CDs to add to the library of my own, and that included my all-time fave from the band, "Blank," and their massive hit "Nil By Mouth." But given the quality you get from affordable blank CDs, it became frustrating playing songs that skipped now and then.

Leaving my CDs back home (and losing some of them), I tried researching for the band's songs online; somebody might have posted streaming links or even URLs to have them downloaded. After close to an hour of surfing, I finally hit the spot(t), and as a bonus got to download the entire album which I happily uploaded on Multiply for others to be able to stream. The download gave me the opportunity to listen to all of their songs, and I must say that the guys of Blindspott deliver.

During web surfing, it's unfortunate to note that, other than NZ and Australia and some parts of Asia, the band had not broken through mainstream, dousing any chance for rock aficionados to sample Blindspott's music. It's unfortunate to note, too, that the band had already disbanded after only two albums. Be that as it may, their music is brought to the fore again because of bloggers (like me) who rally to reintroduce them once more. here.
That being said, stream their eponymous debut album
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