Happy Anniversary, Batch 8!

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, April 24, 2008 with 8 comments
Today is my second year working in this office. I never realized that I’ll last this long. The false sense of security might have been the reason behind why I still find myself going to work five times a week. False, because my scholastic background is different, with the skills I get here totally ineffectual and unrelated to my profession as a physical therapist. Sure there have been numerous PTs who’ve had a career change, giving up their five years of scholastic cognizance for something they really wanted to be a part of or to do in the first place. For me though, with a future job as a PT overseas looming, I needed to set my priorities anew.

As soon as I am able to find a job that would support my stay here (other than as a trancriptionist, captionist, or a call center agent), I would be giving up my post as an editor in a heartbeat. I have been looking for PT jobs locally or somewhere in the Middle East, but with what I have posted in some blogs, Lady Luck has been elusive on me. This time, I am optimistic because I have already strengthened my resolve to practice my profession in preparation for what’s in store for me in the near future. It may be sad leaving people you have come to know and been friends with, but I know they’ll understand. It may sound like I am resigning now, but I am yet to decide on that as I don’t have “the” job to fall back on.

Two years, this is such a long time. I even remember the 21 people of our batch, the eight group of excellent individuals in our account, and it may surprise the reader that I am the only one left (just recently, two of my friends resigned from the office). They’ve gone on to be part of their dreams (PBB, Matanglawin), worked and migrated abroad (New York and New Zealand), and the rest reaping the rewards of their hardships in jobs that bespeak of their collegiate backgrounds. Me, on the other hand, like what I said to a close friend and former colleague: Tambay lang ako dito. Funny how it lasted this long.

Two years… I feel that my stay here have been overstretched. Now I know it’s time.