Waiting for that Jumbo Jet to Come

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Saturday, March 01, 2008 with 3 comments
One of my brother's barkadas is staying with us in the meantime while looking for better opportunities here or overseas that our hometown could not offer. This morning I accompanied him to Mabini, Manila where a good number of agencies are located. I never thought that after such a long time, I'd be back in that place where, like him, I was also looking for that proverbial greener pasture.

I remember when we first came here to the big city, my brother and I often went to Mabini to look for agencies willing to take us someplace after we browsed through them on the weekend broadsheet of choice for job seekers, Manila Bulletin. We had like a big stack of their Sunday editions after buying every week for months, but they all ended being burnt to smithereens after my brother finally found a job in Riyadh. Yes, between the two of us, he was the luckier one.

When I was locally employed, and after two job offers that did not come to fruition for reasons beyond my control, I gave up on this job hunt. I just had to be contented accompanying my brother to long lines of final interviews with foreign employers, tests to take to prove ones skill set, and to medical examinations where an applicant could still fail. Okay, tuwad.

In all of these, I realized that we were only just a fraction of people wanting to leave the county, contributing to a drain of our country's best workforce. But a thought rings true, something a friend said to me one conversation: Leaving the country is not the answer to our prayers when you basically earn the same, albeit you live in an environment other than yours and our Ninoys could be exchanged for so much more for less of theirs. But I see that this is still enough reason for others to think otherwise, even myself at times.

My brother's barkada just scouted the place and remembered landmarks and the tos and fros so that he could make it there on his own. He wanted to emulate what my brother did: find a local job while looking for that ultimate one; that hasn't happened yet though. However, I feel that Lady Luck is just around the corner, ready to head down his doorsteps, ours technically (he-he), and maybe the both of us could get to fly to that "someplace" on a big jumbo jet.