Shadows Fall Concert anyone?

Posted by Abdel Kadz on Thursday, March 13, 2008 with 2 comments

Shadows Fall’s concert is just around the corner (this Saturday!), and I haven’t gone and bought my ticket yet.

I’ve been asking friends and officemates if they’d go and watch the band behind the Grammy-nominated song “Redemption,” but all efforts were in vain; they’re really not into hardcore music and stuff. I know of somebody who is working in PULP magazine, one of the organizers of this event. But she will probably be backstage or upfront and be busy doing whatever it is she does best that I’ll probably not see her. I don’t want to go there alone and head bang like I’m freakin’ crazy.

For those wondering how much the tickets are, its P600 and P1200 and can be purchased at any Odyssey record store or the PULP office. The venue is at A-Venue, Makati Avenue (how’s that for redundancy?). From their Friendster ad, they’ll be heading to Boracay afterwards, and somebody from the office is headed there on the same date. Ha!

Anyone going? Drop a message.